Attorney’s Fees for Personal Injury Cases

When hiring someone for a personal injury claim, the general consensus is that there is an impending trial. While most cases settle, about 5% of cases go to trial. This is not a large percentage of cases. Having a competent, personal injury lawyer Arlington TX trusts can help you in getting the proper compensation for the accident.

Settling your case has both advantages and disadvantages. The cost of expenses are much lower. There are no costs for expert witnesses or in some cases travel by the attorney or client. With settling, you know how much you are going to get. There is no worry about whether or not you will walk away empty handed. The stress on the client is much less if the case is settled without going to trial. Even if the case has gone through mediation and depositions, there is a big possibility that it could settle. The goal is to settle if that’s what the client wants. Every outlet is exhausted by the time trial comes around.

If you settle before trial, your fees are drastically different than if your attorney has to show up on the day of. Even if you show up on the day of trial and settle before going in, the expenses are higher. Attorneys have to prepare for trial and this takes up resources such as time, knowledge, and supplies. Going to trial means that there is no guarantee that you win. You could get on the stand tell your part of what happened and a jury find the opposing party not at fault. This means that a plaintiff would get nothing and you and your attorney could be out of money. Some clients do not want to settle no matter what. They are of the feeling that they did not do this to themselves and now they are paying for someone else’s negligence. That is completely up to the client. There could also be positives to going to trial. The amount awarded to the plaintiff could be more than settling. If it’s about principle, the client could get closure to what happened.

The decision you make to go to trial should be your choice. Often times the insurance companies do not want to pay for certain things regarding medical treatment or supplies that are needed which could take away the ability to choose if you want to go to trial or not. Going to trial could be unavoidable, sometimes people just choose to drop the whole thing. This should be your choice. Your attorney should provide you with all of the information needed so that you can make an informed decision.

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